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Stickleback Services for Metastorm Customers

We were there when Metastorm was started, and we lived with the evolution of this wonderful BPM platform until we left to start our own BPM services business in 2014.  We know about usage, performance and successful deployments.  Let us help you with your current and future implementations.
  1. Ensure your system and processes are running optimally
  2. Know what processes are being used, how often and by whom
  3. Run on the best version for your organisation
  4. Know your migration options, both OpenText and beyond
  5. Know if you are licenced correctly
  6. Know your alternative support options
  7. Get the best support pricing


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Metastorm BPM Support Services

Having the best value support service for your system is crucial.   As an independent BPM services company, Stickleback Technologies covers all of the following areas:

- MBPM Health Checks and Reports
- MBPM Telephone Help Desk support
- MBPM Process Support
- On-site and Off –site services
- Process stabilisation & enhancements
- New process development and support


As new MBPM versions become available Stickleback works with organisations to understand the benefit of each new release and the implications of undertaking a move.

- Full System Review
- Process Usage analysis
- Recommendations
- MBPM Platform upgrades
- Point Releases
- New Versions
- Upgrade Project planning
- Project execution


Whether maintaining, upgrading or migrating, Stickleback will provide the skills transfer at the optimum level for each organisation.

- MBPM Training - Development and Admin
- MBPM Process Improvement Skills
- ProVision Training - entry and advanced

Migration Planning

Whether migrating within the OpenText EIM stack i.e. Process Suite, or to a completely different BPM platform, Stickleback are here to help.  Services include the identification and assessment of potential options, the benefit and organisational impact of one option against another and then the migration process itself.

- New BPM Platform Reviews
- BPM Migration Planning
- BPM Migration Services


Stickleback’s Metastorm BPM team are a specialist team focussed exclusively on the OpenText BPM marketplace. With many years of successful BPM deployment and support experience behind us, we are your Stand Out partner to trust with the delivery of your future business change solutions and services.  Let us help you make a real difference to your business.

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